The Historic (1861-2011) Elk Island's Eco Resort & Retreat: 35+/- Acres of area and over 2 Miles of Riverfront located in the heart of historic Roseburg, Oregon along the beautiful South Umpqua River. Relax, Fish, Pan for Gold...Enjoy!!!



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The Perfect Getaway
Welcome to Historic Elk Island's Eco Resort & Retreat located in the heart of historic Roseburg, Oregon. We offer a chance to really get away, even though you are in the middle of a city with over 20,000 in population. With no roads in and the entrance being by canoe, pedestrian bridges (future) or zip line, you have the perfect get away surrounded by the beautiful South Umpqua River.

Elk Island's Eco Resort and Campground is just steps, a bike ride and/or a short canoe ride away from some of Roseburg's finest attractions. The Eco Resort is walking distance to fabulous restaurants, shopping, museums, and historic downtown Roseburg City.

Loaded with comforts and amenities, the Elk Island Eco Resort & Retreat of Roseburg Oregon is not only the finest choice in Eco planning, it is an outstanding value. From what will soon be cozy yurts or treehouses for a romantic couple with a view of the river to full size yurts that can accomodate large families and work the organic gardens, to fishing for Oregon Steelhead, Trout and Bass, to watching the wild turkey, spawning salmon, geese, ducks and just does not get any more relaxing than spending time at Oregon's Historic Elk Island which celebrated its 150 year anniversary of its creation by a flood in 1861.

Once Roseburg Oregon's Social Center of the area this island and all man-made things on it perished in a 1964 flood, now we have a chance to rebuild this wonderful place whereby both man and the environment can properly live together. With flood control prevention having been added upriver this becomes the perfect place for sportsman, environmentalist, gardner and the person that just wants to relax and enjoy people and the God given elements.

Local Coffee Shops, Bagels and Lounge are near

Special business travel packages available

Historic Downtown Roseburg Shops and Restaurants

Outdoor Events and Weddings being scheduled

Gold Panning

20 plus Yurts and 20 Treehouses (FUTURE) and even more camping spaces

Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation
at the Elk Island Resort & Retreat on beautiful Elk Island in historic Roseburg, Oregon

WARNING: IF water level on this link is over 5.25 feet for the main river channel on this link, DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS THE OVERFLOW CHANNEL as you risk having your vehicle stuck on the island until the water level goes back down...possibly in the Spring!!!

The Historic Elk Island's Eco Resort and Campground Retreat
The Historic Elk Island
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 232-1708
FAX (541) 673-9002

Salmon are important to our past and future and Elk Island has a large spawning bed to be protected and enjoyed. Please click the video link below and learn some more about the incredible life of a salmon.

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